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Union Benefit Solutions to Strengthen the Delivery of Health Benefits While Reducing Costs

Envolve understands your need to procure quality health benefits at a reasonable price to address the specific health needs of your union. We serve as your partner in building a customized set of benefits that deliver positive health outcomes and effectively manage your spend.

With decades of experience serving unions and expertise in clinical innovation and population health management, we engage and educate your members and retirees and their families to promote decisions that improve their health and help them overcome any barriers. Partnering with you, we can customize union benefit solutions that proactively identify potential high-risk and high-cost health events allowing initiation of outreach and management immediately – putting members at ease and reducing the use of higher cost care and medication options.

Our suite of data analytics and disease management programs give you full clinical, operational and financial visibility to reduce waste and manage cost trends.

Envolve offers benefit management solutions including specialty pharmacy, PBM, vision and dental. Learn more about all our services below and contact us to find how they can be tailored for your needs.

Envolve's comprehensive care solutions are designed to help your members achieve positive health outcomes by treating the whole person. By tailoring our communication and treatment to the individual, our services provide a level of intervention that promotes appropriate use of each health service and generates significant cost savings.

Having visibility into every aspect of your healthcare spend allows for full review and insight into identifying potential high-cost health events and proactively collaborating to implement strategies to mitigate costs. Our sophisticated data analytics platform provides quality clinical metrics necessary to ensure early identification of opportunities for intervention and support member engagement and satisfaction. 

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