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Providing Healthcare Solutions for Providers with Value-based Care and Cost Savings through Shared Risk Strategies

Envolve’s established infrastructure allows us to alleviate your management burden  and customize solutions to meet your operational needs. Our provider partnership model builds shared risk solutions that proactively reduce costs.

Using data-driven medical management processes and clinically focused practices, our healthcare solutions for providers help you maximize quality, provide value-based care, and achieve cost advantages. Whether you’re considering creating a risk-based entity or you’ve already established one, Envolve’s flexible solutions can fill any needed management and service gaps you may have.

In the ever-changing healthcare landscape, our proven results make us the best partner to manage new initiatives and payment models while ensuring a continuum of care for your patients. We work side-by-side with you to create a strategy and vision to deliver improved health outcomes and drive savings.

From contracting with managed care organizations to building a shared ownership entity, our experience and expertise are second-to-none. We leverage the strength of your care delivery model along with our 30 years of experience in population health management to create a successful joint venture and partnership structure designed to achieve your goals. With some of our clients, we have entered into delegated risk arrangements for a variety of services, which allows them to operate with budget predictability by deferring the risk premium to Envolve.

Envolve offers benefit management solutions including specialty pharmacy, PBM, vision and dental. Learn more about all our services below and contact us to find how they can be tailored for your IPA, ACO, FQHC or health system.

Envolve has the ability to share risk and provide strategic and operational support for providers. As your back-office MSO partner, we are an extension of your team and help you achieve positive outcomes even as risk-factors and payment models shift. Our care management models are supported by actionable data and managed under the close review of continuous quality improvement standards. 

No two patients are the same. We believe by partnering with you we can engage your patient population to become active participants in managing their overall health and help create true behavior change. By implementing clinically sound programs that effectively assess, diagnose and promote appropriate clinical intervention we can effectively communicate with patients to address their specific need. Through clinical proficiency, integrated care and superior service, we help you improve health outcomes and manage risk.

Our sophisticated data analytics platform provides quality clinical metrics necessary to ensure early identification of opportunities for intervention and support patient engagement and satisfaction. We can help you improve population health through analytics of the latest enrollment, eligibility, health assessments, medical, behavioral and pharmacy claims, demographic data, biometric screening and lab test results to identify patient risk and needed healthcare services. Putting all this data together creates a model predictor for those who are at most risk – and allows the development of plans to reduce the likelihood of negative outcomes.  

Improving population health means treating the whole person. By collaborating with Envolve, you capitalize on a variety of solutions for providers designed to help you achieve positive outcomes, even as your demands and goals change. Envolve's full range of end-to-end comprehensive care solutions are designed to encourage and empower patients to reach specific health goals. These services not only address community health need but provide a level of intervention to ensure appropriate use of health services and generate significant cost savings.

Early detection and education for high-cost conditions is essential to establishing successful outcomes and reducing costs. Through our comprehensive suite of data analytics, we can provide timely, actionable data that helps drive outreach initiatives specific to your patient population. As providers face increased requirements for patient engagement and self-care supports, efforts in patient empowerment and education are essential. Envolve’s outreach efforts empower patients to take an active role in managing their own health, aid in reducing utilization, assist in tracking compliance and performance measures, and support clinical quality initiatives.

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