Creating Healthy, Productive Employees While Reducing Spend and Simplifying Employer Administration

Employees are one of the most valuable resources an organization has. And studies show that healthy, happy employees make for more productive employees. At Envolve, we’re dedicated to helping you improve the health of your employees while reducing your healthcare spend and your administrative burden.  

Through individualized tools and motivators, we help employees reach their health goals. Our years of expertise, award-winning systems and actionable data analytics are key in helping manage your costs and gain insight into the health trends of your organization. 

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From managing pharmacy spend to delivering personalized employee health and wellness tools, Envolve provides comprehensive, whole-health management to ensure your employees achieve the best possible health while you achieve the best possible return on your investment. Using proven, multi-faceted processes and approaches to engage and incentivize employees, our goal is to make certain employees are motivated to become active participants in making informed positive choices about their health and healthcare. 

Our digital solutions take a whole-person approach to health management, giving your employees the tools they need to inspire positive health behaviors. Our tools and programs help healthy individuals track and maintain good habits – while also supporting employees who need to manage health risks or existing conditions. Our state-of-the-art data analytics platform gives you insight into actionable information needed for visibility into the health of your entire population. 

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