About Us

There is no other market sector in American business that has seen greater change than healthcare. And as it has changed, it has become more confusing for consumers. At Envolve, we’ve simplified access to our valued and trusted services, filling a gap in the healthcare market with flexible, cost-effective, comprehensive healthcare services.

The Envolve family of health solutions is leading the way in the healthcare industry by leveraging and integrating collective expertise to deliver on the purpose to transform the health of the community, one person at a time.

Customize Your Healthcare Services

At the moment, you may only need one service. Each part of the Envolve suite of health solutions is available as a stand-alone full-featured service. Through flexible options, we ensure you receive the service you need at the time you need it.

As your needs grow, Envolve's family of health solutions is designed to grow with you, providing an ease of access and familiarity for the individuals you care for and ease of administration for you. Adding additional healthcare services is simple.

Envolve’s full family of health solutions provides a trusted source of healthcare services you provide those you serve every day. By consolidating those services with Envolve's companies, you will see efficiencies from day one.

Envolve includes three operational areas: Envolve Benefit Options, Envolve PeopleCare™ and Envolve Pharmacy Solutions.

In addition to those operational areas, Envolve is a proven leader in providing cost-effective back-office MSO services

Envolve serves a variety of clients including Health Plans and Payers, Employers and Benefit Consultants, Labor, Government, and Provider Organizations (IPA, FQHC, ACO).

Envolve is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centene Corporation