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Health Risk Assessments

Envolve's family of companies' proprietary Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is an engaging, dynamic and streamlined experience thanks to our use of plain language, graphics and illustrations. Our health risk screening tool takes just eight to ten minutes to complete and can be taken online, via mobile, on paper and by phone. You can even start the HRA screening online and finish it on a smartphone, or vice versa. Our health risk assessment relies on a validated scoring algorithm to ensure accurate results and appropriate goals or calls-to-action.

Our health risk screening tool meets NCQA requirements and is ADA 508-compliant. We’ve written and designed our health risk assessment to align with health literacy guidelines, and it tests at a 5th grade reading level. It also includes validated screening tools for productivity, stress and depression and uses branching logic to streamline the user experience. For those who don’t offer our Digital Health Solutions this HRA screening tool provides a vital front-end data source on lifestyle behaviors and readiness to change to identify candidates for our disease management services.

Streaming Better Health with HRA Screening

Our health portal and health risk assessment meet NCQA's Standards for Member Connections (MEM 1 & MEM2), and covers Medicaid, Medicare and Marketplace plans. The site includes clear calls-to-action for users to complete the health risk assessment, then personalizes the experience post-completion based upon their results. It also includes a wide array of resources, including a searchable health library of more than 7,200 articles, videos, and interactive materials (in both English and Spanish) as well as locator tools for childcare providers, elder home care, camps and schools.

Spreading the Word

Good communication is key to the success of any health and wellness program. We have vast experience in messaging to diverse populations, and have won many awards as a result. Our individualized communications span multiple channels, including email, text and push notifications to deliver highly-targeted messages. This not only launches your Health & Wellness program with strong awareness and enthusiasm, but helps carry that motivation throughout the entire coaching experience.

Rewarding Experiences

Rewarding Experiences

Along with communications, offering incentives for completing our HRA screening is a proven way to drive high engagement. And we make it hassle-free for you. Our scalable administration framework uses simple, atomic rule blocks combined with sophisticated built-in workflows and error handling to create complex designs easily. We also offer real-time reporting and on-demand incentive evaluations.

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