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Lifestyle & Condition Management Health Coaching

Envolve's Health Coaching services address health and wellness needs at the 1:1 level. We know that health behavior change is possible when you treat each person as an individual. That is why we tailor our wellness coach approach to fit each participant and offer different health coach modalities, including online, onsite and telephone.

On.Demand – Combining Technology with Expert Intervention for Optimal Results

On.Demand is a real-time diabetes management solution that delivers immediate savings while improving participants’ health. Using cellular technology, cloud-based glucose readings and reliable door-to-door delivery, the On.Demand program begins when an individual’s diabetes condition is identified. Data from multiple sources help target individuals who may benefit from participation, engagement, and intervention.

On.Demand Basic delivers a supply kit including an introduction to the program, a cellular glucometer, an instruction guide, and a supply of testing strips to the participant’s home. Using the provided strips, the individual tests his or her A1c. The monitor transfers blood glucose measurements to a secure cloud that allows for real-time biometric tracking and the development of individual intervention plans. As strips are used and recorded in the cloud, supplies of testing strips are automatically sent out so individuals have the needed supplies and do not have to manage reordering on their own.

Our diabetes management solution also comes with actionable monthly reports that provide information about the health of the program population, including biometric readings, member engagement and compliance information.

On.Demand Plus gives you all the benefits of On.Demand Basic plus the support of 24/7 nurse advice and targeted member education based on individuals’ biometric measurement history. Through the tailored education and availability of real-time clinical support, program participants are empowered to make actionable changes that directly relate to their lives.

On.Demand Complete provides all the benefits of On.Demand Basic and Plus, but also incorporates real-time biometric monitoring by clinicians who proactively engage and coach individuals to assess symptoms and compliance with medications. Clinicians and coaches also provide program participants information about other life topics, including financial and social stressors, to help remove everyday life barriers that can prevent managing their condition.

  • Health plans who actively use On.Demand Basic have achieved savings of $8 to $10 per participant per month when compared to those who opt out of the program.

Lifestyle & Condition Management Coaching Types

Our comprehensive care coordination blends traditional clinical disease management with behavioral and life-issue wellness coach assistance to reduce barriers to long-term, sustainable health improvement. This includes personal barriers such as lack of knowledge, insufficient motivation and everyday demands—as well as larger culture and environmental factors like an explosion of expensive new healthcare technologies and treatments, a dramatic shift in diet and lifestyle, and the need for greater individual responsibility and accountability in managing our healthcare and making healthcare decisions.

Our team includes health and wellness coaches from multiple disciplines, including registered nurses, dietitians, tobacco cessation specialists and social workers. Participants are assigned to work with one primary health coach based upon their Health Assessment data (lifestyle management) or historical claims data (disease management).

This primary health coach then facilitates sessions with others on the multidisciplinary team based upon the individual’s needs and motivation. For example, a primary health coach who is a fitness specialist may arrange a call for the member to talk with one of our registered dietitians about healthy eating habits.

Our whole-person approach to health coach services allows us to meet members where they are and provide the help they need, rather than shoehorning them into a single silo.

The success of our wellness coach solutions is fueled by several factors:

  • Incentive health coach strategies based on behavioral economics
  • Customized and targeted communications
  • Extensive health coach training on cognitive behavior engagement techniques and motivational interviewing
  • Outreach specialists making outbound calls with messages tailored for unique corporate cultures
  • Life barriers addressed at outreach
  • Integration between portal and coaching:
    • At the conclusion of our Health Assessment experience, users are prepared for coaching as the next step
    • Coaches have the benefit of seeing information contained in the individual’s portal record before sessions
    • Coaches can push messages to our portal to help drive participants to take action

Participants are stratified into a low-, moderate- or high-risk category based upon their clinical risk, readiness to change and health literacy. This creates a solid framework for customized care plans and prioritized goals. It also guides how many coaching sessions participants will likely need and if they may benefit from other services, including relevant programs, mail-based interventions, and online tools or resources. It’s a smart, tactical way to provide the right level of health coach intervention while maximizing efficiency.

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