Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The pace of life is faster, busier and more demanding than ever. From top-level managers to front-line employees, everyone is under more stress. And that means greater health risks, higher costs, lower productivity and more turnover.

As such, the need for employee benefits are greater than ever. An Employee Assistance Program is foundational to our coaching model and available as a buy-up for employers looking to provide extra support to employees and dependents. An employee assistance program offers participants unlimited access to research and resource referral services, so they can be successful at work and at home. The employee assistance program spans across a broad array of services that touch many facets of an employee’s life.

The end result of utilizing a trusted EAP provider? Lower absenteeism, higher productivity, and greater employee satisfaction and wellbeing.

As an EAP provider committed to life stage support, the Work-Life component of our employee assistance program addresses everyday issues involved in juggling work and home. These employee wellness benefits include:

  • Acute Needs such as temporary housing, disaster resources and critical events
  • Education such as college financing, GED program and special education
  • HR issues
  • Family Issues such as child care, elder needs, adoption and family relationships
  • Goods & Services such as affordable housing, transportation and food assistance
  • Health & Wellness such as insurance, prescriptions, and dental or medical

Our EAP services, provided in conjunction with a vendor partner, offers assistance with a wide range of issues or needs.

Significant Life Problems

Outside of work, there are many environmental factors that may affect an employee’s performance. Our employee assistance program is designed to help curb significant life problems, such as:

  • Emotional distress
  • Substance abuse
  • Personal relationship issues
  • Personal loss

Financial Services

Financial obligations of employees can be burdensome, weighing on workers both at work and home. Our employee assistance program offers your employees financial services such as: 

  • Assistance with retirement planning
  • Tips on handling financial stress
  • Help handling Estate issues
  • Information on developing a personal or family budget
  • Management of debt issues and information on savings plans

Legal Services

Our employee assistance program also helps employees deal with legal issues outside of work, providing:

  • On-staff attorneys for free 30-minute legal consultations
  • Referrals to low-cost and no-cost public community legal resources
  • State-specific will forms and final arrangements memoranda
  • Referrals to local attorneys for a no cost 30-minute phone or in person consultation

As a dedicated EAP provider, employees and their immediate family can call anytime to speak with one of our consultants, who will discuss their question or problem and follow up with information they need.

Based on the caller’s preference, employee assistance program resources can be sent by email, phone, fax, or mail. We also provide participants with a free, self-service website that contains hundreds of resources and tools, including articles and educational videos, locators to find daycare, schools, nursing homes and other resources in their area, and monthly podcasts on work-life and wellness topics.

Here are just a few of the ways as an EAP provider we have helped real people overcome really difficult situations…



A swing manager lost her home and all of her possessions in a fire. Our employee assistance program located housing, clothing and living essentials to help her get back on her feet.



A Spanish-speaking crew member, interested in learning English, phoned at his manager’s suggestion. We were able to find English as a Second Language (ESL) classes close to his home - free of charge.

Child Care

Child Care

Our employee assistance program found late night and weekend hour child care solutions for a swing manager when the babysitter suddenly quit, enabling her to keep her job and have peace of mind.

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