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Behavioral Health Services

Partner with Envolve PeopleCare for Behavioral Health

Envolve, through its family of companies, manages behavioral health services through comprehensive whole-person care. Our behavioral health benefits programs are committed to supporting the behavioral health of members with a variety of personal, peer and family services within communities. We offer some of the most innovative behavioral health services in the nation.

Through a complete picture of care systems for members, Envolve's family of companies offers behavioral health benefits programs that turn data into actionable information to support continuous improvement across our portfolio of behavioral health services.

Envolve behavioral health benefits solutions lead in managing long-term and behavioral health benefits for vulnerable populations, including:

  • Foster Care
  • TANF
  • CHIP
  • SSI
  • Long-Term Care

The success of Envolve’s behavioral health services is due to our focus on providing better outcomes for members.

Intensive care managers and care coordinators help make this happen. These individuals provide behavioral health support for members transitioning from one level of care to another through coordination and advocacy.

They work directly with members to help them overcome barriers to achieving their goals, arranging appointments and linking members with transportation, utility assistance, clothing and food bank programs.

Intensive Care Managers and Care Coordinators use the Caring Voices program to help members stay connected. Under this program, the team provides members with cell phones pre-programmed with numbers of family, caregivers, providers, case managers and crisis lines. 

Envolve behavioral health services leverage best-in-class business intelligence to ensure a data-driven approach to all aspects of managed care.

Envolve programs continually monitor all aspects of our business, including utilization and case management trends and projections, provider network composition and adequacy, quality and performance improvement and overall member population behavior and outcomes.

Envolve programs are committed to painting a complete picture of our care systems for our members, turning data into actionable information to support continuous improvement of the behavioral health services.

Envolve’s behavioral health services solutions develop provider networks in both urban and rural markets with broad cultural diversity to offer the most choice for our member’s behavioral health benefits needs.

Envolve's family of companies support peer services, particularly in rural areas where access to clinicians may be more limited and offer creative solutions like telehealth.

Our Partners

Envolve's family of companies' providers contract our behavioral health services to a number of trusted providers, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Chemical dependency treatment facilities
  • Community mental health centers
  • Individual providers - including psychiatrists, advanced nurse practitioners, psychologists and master-level clinicians.

Collaboration with healthcare providers is important to make sure the most is being made of our behavioral health benefits and the most effective behavioral health treatment practices are offered.

Our knowledgeable, independently-licensed behavioral health professionals perform clinical reviews for pre-certification, concurrent and retrospective authorization requests, using nationally recognized medical necessity guidance.

Envolve programs are committed to ensuring our members get the right behavioral health services at the right time. Envolve companies offer free continuing education for providers to help them stay up to date on the latest evidence for treatment and sponsor local trainings on topics relevant to our membership or to meet identified gaps in service knowledge.

Specialty Therapy & Rehabilitation Program (STRS)

Envolve's family of companies' providers Specialty Therapy and Rehabilitative Services (STRS) offers discipline-specific expertise for the management of outpatient speech, physical and occupational therapies.

Envolve STRS programs implement utilization management, peer-to-peer review strategies, and provider education, training and technical support all with the goal of improved quality of care.

Envolve providers STRS program is designed for therapists by therapists, based on national norms and therapeutic standards. The Envolve STRS programs educate providers regarding appropriate clinical practice guidelines for their disciplines and offer training and technical support to help ensure adherence to the discipline-specific practice standards.

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