Maternal Health Management

Envolve's family of companies cares about the health of mothers and their babies. Our maternal health programs are for women who are pregnant and for moms who have just had a baby.

Improve Outcomes For At-Risk Pregnancies In Your Organization 

Our innovative maternity management program is designed to identify at-risk pregnancies as soon as possible, helping reduce the rate of low birth weight infants and NICU admissions while controlling healthcare costs within your organization. 

By incorporating health and wellness promotion, care coordination, and population-based services, this award-winning program helps improve the health of moms and their babies both during and after pregnancy. This multi-faceted approach to improve prenatal and postpartum care includes wellness materials and supports the appropriate use of medical resources.

Risk Stratification & Identifying Program Participants

An essential component of Envolve’s maternal management program is the Notification of Pregnancy (NOP) process.

The NOP aims to identify plan members at risk for pregnancy complications in the early stages to establish strong relationships between the member, provider, and clinical staff.

Based on information obtained in the NOP, we stratify and assign a risk score to provide the most appropriate level of maternal management to at-risk members.

Other methods of identification include mining of pharmacy data for prenatal vitamins or other indications of pregnancy, review of lab data for pregnancy tests and evaluating coding of office visits from OB/GYN providers to identify pregnant women in your organization. We can also use client eligibility data, retrospective medical claim data (ICD-9 codes and CPT codes), and pharmacy claim data (NDC codes). This data is used to perform a claims analysis to identify candidates for outreach. Additional methods include referrals from health and wellness vendors, case management, utilization management, physician and self.

Once the NOP is received, mailing of our prenatal care packet is triggered. Following enrollment in the program, telephonic outreach is conducted to determine the individual’s level of risk.

Resources Designed to Empower Program Participants

Our maternal management program includes wellness programs, educational information, and access to care management support designed to empower woman to be active participants in their wellbeing.

Some of the valuable highlights provided to expecting mothers through this program include:

  • Health and work-life assessments conducted by experienced registered nurses
  • Referrals for high-risk pregnancies to our High Risk Maternity Management Program
  • Telephonic health coaching supported with printed and online educational materials and resources throughout pregnancy
  • Post-delivery follow-ups and referrals

Prenatal Health Assessment

Health coaches providing support within this program are registered nurses with obstetrical experience. Each member of this team is trained to employ engagement techniques and motivational interviewing skills enabling them to connect with expectant mothers and guide them through the life-changing events of pregnancy and childbirth.

The introductory assessment portion of this program evaluates:

  • Relevant medical and obstetrical history
  • Gestational age
  • Medication and supplement use
  • Pre-pregnancy weight/BMI
  • Current weight
  • Tobacco use/exposure
  • Work/life assessment (plans for returning to work, etc.)

Extended Support After the Baby Is Born

Participants in the Maternal Management Program may be supported with postpartum health information as well. Notification of the infant's birth triggers our Newborn Care Packet, which includes information for the mother about the postpartum period, as well as caring for her newborn.

Envolve also coordinates with work-life consultants to address issues such as choosing and locating licensed child care providers, return-to-work planning and financial concerns following child birth.

Maternal Health Benefits for Health Plans & Members

By identifying at-risk pregnancies as early as possible, Envolve Health can intervene to provide the support needed to ensure a healthy delivery and a healthier beginning for children, as well as a reduction in healthcare costs.

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