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Transforming Back-Office Support to Promote Performance

Envolve healthcare informatics and analytics solutions help power healthcare transformation by improving health outcomes and lowering costs.

Our established infrastructure has the capability to provide both qualitative and quantitative outcome measures to determine the effectiveness of interventions with your population.

Our healthcare informatics technology capabilities are key to our data-driven model for performance improvement. Using a wide range of healthcare analytics data sources, we can help you identify potential issues, assess potential impact for those you serve, analyze root causes, identify target populations, test the effectiveness of new or enhanced interventions and evaluate the overall effectiveness of projects.

Tools To Reduce Avoidable Admissions, Readmissions and Complications

Envolve has incorporated industry leading 3M™ Potentially Preventable Readmissions (PPR) Grouping Software within our proprietary healthcare analytics platform to identify avoidable admissions, readmissions, and complications that may have been prevented, to make sure that future care is delivered in the most clinically appropriate setting.

Risk Stratification Through Predictive Modeling

Our predictive modeling functionality is an important tool for initially placing individuals into stratification categories by using and algorithm that combines the demographic diagnoses and pharmacy data to develop a risk score methodology considers risk factors for each diagnosis and assigns individuals for future costs and risk of future hospitalization. Our proprietary risk stratification into low risk (stable), moderate risk (interventional), or high-risk intervention categories.

Cost, Utilization, Quality Measures Reporting

Our proprietary healthcare informatics technology powers our provider practice patterns and provider clinical quality and cost reporting information products. We have the ability to report on all data sets, including:

  • EPSDT services
  • Care gaps
  • At-risk individuals
  • Claims
  • Timeliness
  • Other critical aspects

Predictive Healthcare Analytics

Envolve incorporates the best healthcare informatics technology to inform the individual risk/case identification and outreach process through predictive analysis in healthcare. Our internally-managed case identification and risk stratification engine empowers Integrated Care Teams to use the latest enrollment, eligibility, health assessments, medical, behavioral and pharmacy claims, demographic data, biometric screening and lab test results to identify individual risk and needed healthcare services.

By incorporating predictive analysis in healthcare early on, utilization rates and healthcare costs may decrease in the years to come, improving health outcomes for the individual.

Gaps in Care Identification

Our healthcare analytics platform also includes a suite of predictive modeling solutions incorporating evidence-based, proprietary Care Gap/Health Risk "alerts."

These alerts electronically feed into our care and health management system, Customer Relationship Management system, and web portals triggering subsequent action by relevant case managers, providers and/or creating automated actions in our care management system.

Discover Data-Driven Healthcare Solutions Powered by Envolve Health

Envolve healthcare informatics and data analytics solutions empower organizations to be at the forefront of their population’s health. Our tools are designed to reduce avoidable admissions, improve reporting capabilities and compliance, identify potential health issues and more.

By partnering with Envolve Health, your organization can improve health outcomes while saving on healthcare costs. Discover Envolve Health. Contact us today.

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