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Through valuable partnerships and experience, Envolve drives real healthcare transformation through value-based, affordable care solutions.

Envolve MSO services provide organizations with the strategies, people and processes necessary to provide value-based, affordable care and drive real healthcare transformation.

As a leading healthcare management services provider, we bring innovation, experience and resources to help drive performance in outcomes-focused and value-based reimbursement models. 

Driving Efficient Care with Envolve MSO Solutions

Our healthcare management services allow for better healthcare and efficiency in delivery of care through best-in-class business administration services, data utilization, clinical excellence, and operational support.

Some of the highlights of Envolve MSO Healthcare Services:

  • Envolve brings significant experience investing in innovative benefit designs for numerous products throughout the country for publicly funded, marketplace, and commercial programs that positively influence individuals' health and quality of life, while maintaining compliance with State and federal laws.
  • Envolve's enterprise claims processing and payment engine efficiently supports accurate claim adjudication for complex benefit plans and multiple provider reimbursement models.
  • Envolve's two enterprise datacenters support and securely house all of core applications and data, and both employ redundant environmental, power, and networking systems, and backup capability.
  • Envolve's production software applications are all backed up daily to an off-site storage facility that is HIPAA compliant and in accordance with HITECH rules. This data is stored offsite as an additional safeguard, supplementing real-time data replication between our two datacenters.
  • Envolve is a transparent and collaborative "behind-the-scenes" program partner. We believe in actively working together with our clients and their stakeholders, as well as with individuals served, to design healthcare management services and programs that truly speak to the populations we serve. Our goal is to augment and bolster related services, not to replace thriving services.

Envolve's management and value-based care programs are built upon a spirit of collaboration and partnership; in that we seek to be active partners with our clients to achieve all of their health outcome and business goals. 

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Envolve is leading the way in driving value-based care and healthy outcomes for health plans and patient populations. Contact us today to learn more.

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