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Targeted Case Management

Envolve's Targeted Case Management programs directly assist adults and children with behavioral health solutions to meet their unique needs including problem resolution, advocacy and referral to other appropriate services. Our targeted case management program, when partnered with Medicaid, provides case management services to specific target populations who meet certain severity of illness criteria.

Patients are provided valuable assistance accessing behavioral health solutions including treatment, medical, educational, social, developmental, or other supportive services due to their specific needs. Envolve empowers individuals by providing targeted case management services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and mental illness, as well as children in the child welfare system with the goal of improving the total health of the community one person at a time.

  • Envolve offers a holistic approach and a comprehensive database helping to connect individuals and their families to community resources
  • We provide targeted Case Management processes and solutions customized to patient’s healthcare needs and appropriate for the level of care needed
  • Envolve’s wide range of healthcare offerings allow for integration of the needs of the individual patient and our offerings may be modified based on the analysis of the patient and their healthcare needs assessment
  • We create flexible programs that allow case managers greater control over their processes, creating more customized and truly individualized care.
  • Envolve provides personalized holistic case management services including person-centered planning, assessment, treatment planning, patient advocacy, coordination of medical and dental care, education, recreation, and vocational services
  • We contract with states and counties responsible for overseeing the care of specific populations and work to developed integrated healthcare solutions for these populations
  • Envolve’s Targeted Case Management teams are extensively trained on a Case Management model, as well as regulatory and accreditation principles and requirements, to allow the delivery of the best behavioral health solutions possible to the patient
  • We realize the importance of administering face-to-face assessments on-site with the patient and any other individuals they would like to have present creating a personal bond on the way to a healthier life for the patient and their families.
  • Envolve’s Targeted Case Management team realizes healthcare is not a one-size-fits all system.
  • Whether referring to targeting whole populations or individuals, we realize there is a real personalized medicine revolution occurring.
  • We know healthcare, particularly when it comes to behavioral health solutions, cannot be a simple one-size-fits all solution, but needs to focus on the individuals unique genetic, environmental and clinical needs to be successful.
  • We target specific populations to determine their specific healthcare needs and help them through the process of receiving customized behavioral health solutions including assistance, assessments, treatment and counseling with the ultimate goal of targeting their specific healthcare needs to improve the quality of their lives.
  • Targeted Case Management works to provide more focused therapies based on specific patient needs increasing the probability of desired patient healthcare outcomes
  • With Targeted Case Management specific assessments may result in earlier disease or medical issue intervention getting patients on the way to a healthier life quicker
  • Drilling down and targeting specific needs rather than a general health assessment will not only get to the heart of the healthcare matter quicker, but it will also help reduce healthcare costs
  • Targeted Case Management allows for focused assessments where prediction and prevention come into play for a treatment regimen rather than reaction to healthcare issues
  • Targeted Case Management allows for the reasonable expectation that the patient’s illness, condition, or level of functioning will be stabilized, improved or maintained through accessing treatment as well as medical, social, educational developmental or other supportive service.

These approved Targeted Case Management services must be performed during a case management meeting with the goal that the patient will ultimately receive the targeted treatment they need:

  • Comprehensive assessment and periodic reassessment
  • Development and periodic revision of specific care plan
  • Referral and related activities
  • Monitoring and follow-up activities

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