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Telehealth Monitoring

Partner with the Envolve for Telemonitoring Services

For certain high-risk individuals, in addition to Health Coaching, we offer real-time remote patient monitoring of biometric data using web-based technology and in-home devices, such as a pulse oximeter, scale, and blood pressure cuff.

Telehealth monitoring enables in-home or at-work biometric readings, such as blood glucose level or blood pressure or weight, to be taken and transmitted electronically to the Health Coach and provider within seconds of the reading being taken. 

The near real-time data telehealth monitoring provides enables coaches to contact the individual within minutes of an unfavorable remote patient monitoring reading and immediately work to associate the unfavorable trend with prior near-term behaviors, providing for a "teachable moment" that can result in healthier behaviors and improved self-management in the future.

On.Demand Diabetes Management Solution

With On.Demand, an mHealth solution (defined as the provision of health services and information via mobile technologies by the WHO), individuals are assisted in managing complex conditions, such as diabetes. Real-time biometric data and secure cloud storage of information allows individuals to become active participants in improving their health and gives clinicians immediate access to the information needed to provide tailored coaching.

On.Demand has three levels of Basic, Plus and Complete – all focused on improving health and financial outcomes. Interested in offering this robust solution to improve results? On.Demand Plus and On.Demand Complete offer all the technological benefits of On.Demand Basic in conjunction with enhanced live clinical support and intervention.

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