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Digital Health and Wellness Solutions: Inspiring Real Behavior Change

Envolve's family of companies offers a powerful suite of Digital Health and Wellness designed to inspire positive behavioral change within individuals and organizations.

Envolve's Digital Health products offer tools built with employer benefit programs in mind. These products help employees track and maintain healthy lifestyles and good habits.

Our Digital Health and Wellness solutions also offer a suite of supportive programs that may be beneficial for individuals looking to manage specific risks and conditions. These programs allow individuals to take control of their personal health management and improve their approach to a healthy, positive lifestyle while addressing unique, personal challenges.

Digital Health products and tools offered by Envolve Health are perfect for Employers, Health Plan administrators, consultants, unions, hospitals and health systems, provider groups, universities or Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC).

Envolve's suite of Digital Health and Wellness solutions is grounded in public health and behavior change research, and was designed by Masters of Public Health and certified Health Education Specialists. Envolveā€™s health coaching programs and Digital Health assessments are accredited, and offer the highest degree of transparency.

Digital Health Products

Digital Health and Wellness solutions from Envolve are designed to be complementary and compatible. Most of our clients find that combining a variety of our Digital Health programs can be the most effective means of driving sustained behavioral change.

Learn more about our full suite of Digital Health programs below:

Participants in the Health Risk Assessment & Biometric Screening program learn more about their unique health risks and discover relevant program components based on their individual results. Users of these Digital Health tools walk away from their assessment with personalized, actionable goals that can be implemented immediately. 

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Digital Health empowerment campaigns are designed to inspire change. Envolve's On.Board email campaigns present healthy ideas for everyday life to those who are in the pre-contemplation or contemplation stages of change to drive healthy decision making. Contact us to learn more.

Motivate your employees or plan members with Digital Health tools designed to empower individuals toward achieving healthy lifestyle changes. Healthy Behavior Challenges combine communication, activity tracking, benchmarking, and incentives to partipants in the Envolve Digital Health program. 

On.Target Digital Health services are designed to focus on major health concerns and address the types of issues likely to unfold when attempting a behavior change. This individualized behavior change program is ideal for users who have attempted major change in the past but struggled to achieve lasting results.

On.Target tools address five key risk areas: nutrition, physical activity, stress management, weight management and tobacco cessation. These specific risk areas present unique challenges to participants in pursuit of lifestyle change goals and are addressed based on leading research to provide optimal paths to success.

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This Digital Health and Wellness solution is designed to foster healthy behavior change at the 1:1 level with customized coaching occurring online, onsite and by phone. Envolve's Digital Health programs offer a variety of lifestyle health coaching and disease management specialists with proven success in delivering customized solutions. 

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The Wellness Portal is an intuitive, front-end system making it easy to deliver a cutting edge, personalized Digital Health and Wellness program, sparking real change within your population. Employers and health plans can customize their Digital Health portal with company branding, making it a seamless extension to your benefit offering. Contact us to learn more about the Envolve Wellness Portal today.

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