On.Demand Diabetes Management Program

Combining Technology with Expert Intervention for Optimal Results

On.Demand is a real-time diabetes management solution that delivers immediate savings while improving participants’ health. Using cellular technology, cloud-based glucose readings and reliable door-to-door delivery, the On.Demand program begins when an individual’s diabetes condition is identified. Data from multiple sources help target individuals who may benefit from participation, engagement, and intervention.

Diabetes and prediabetes affect nearly 10% of the American population, and each year 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes.

On.Demand Basic Diabetes Management Program

On.Demand Basic delivers a supply kit including an introduction to the program, a cellular glucometer, an instruction guide, and a supply of testing strips to the participant’s home. Our diabetes management solution also gives your organization actionable monthly reports that provide information about the health of the program population, including biometric readings, member engagement and compliance information.

On.Demand educates and helps individuals manage their diabetes in the comfort of their home. Here’s how it works:

  • Using the provided strips, the individual tests his or her A1c. 
  • The monitor transfers blood glucose readings to a secure cloud that allows for real-time biometric tracking and the development of individual intervention plans. 
  • As diabetes testing strips are used and recorded in the cloud, additional supplies of testing strips are automatically sent out so individuals have the needed supplies and do not have to manage reordering on their own.

Get More with On.Demand Plus

On.Demand Plus provides extra benefits on top of all the standard benefits in the On.Demand Basic program.

On.Demand Plus also includes:

  • The support of 24/7 nurse advice and
  • Targeted member education based on individuals’ biometric measurement history

Through education tailored to the individual and availability of real-time clinical support, On.Demand Plus participants are empowered to make actionable changes that directly relate to their lives.

Provide An Extra Level of Support with On.Demand Complete

On.Demand Complete provides all the benefits of On.Demand Basic and Plus, but also incorporates:

  • Real-time biometric monitoring by clinicians who proactively engage and coach individuals to assess symptoms and compliance with medications.
  • Clinicians and coaches also provide program participants information about other life topics, including financial and social stressors, to help remove everyday life barriers that can prevent managing their condition.

Cost Savings For Diabetic Members

Health plans actively using On.Demand Basic have achieved savings of $8 to $10 per participant per month when compared to those who opt out of the program.

Control Diabetes in Your Population with On.Demand

When technology, proven techniques and early intervention are utilized to combat diabetes, everyone wins. Start to realize the cost savings and population health benefits by incorporating On.Demand diabetes management programs into your health plans. Contact Envolve Health to get started today!


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