Partner with the Envolve Family of Companies for Managed Dental Care

Envolve, through its family of companies, is an administrator of managed care dental benefits dedicated to improving the oral health of the community one smile at a time. We believe in having a strategic partnership with our clients and dental service providers utilizing our fully customizable solutions to reduce costs while still delivering the highest quality managed dental care available.

Managed Dental Care Benefits

Our managed dental care solutions are driven by a large network of dental service providers and are designed to cut costs without sacrificing service or quality. 

Expert Managed Dental Care for Members

We know that excellent dental health and wellness, along with timely dental check-ups, are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Our managed dental care plans may help maximize our members' oral health. It's a fact that people with dental insurance are more than twice as likely to visit their dentist regularly. Timely visits and improved dental health and wellness may contribute to the increased overall health of the population and therefore lower healthcare costs.

Cost-Effective Managed Dental Care Management

Envolve offers networks in 16 states with more than 13,000 dental service providers participating. The advantage of a large, growing network of dental service providers is that higher network utilization in turn will provide lower costs passed on to members.

Envolve is URAC Accredited 

Envolve Dental received a full, three-year accreditation for Health Utilization Management (UM), version 7.3 from URAC, an independent, non-profit healthcare accrediting organization that establishes quality standards for the healthcare industry. This accreditation exemplifies our commitment to quality healthcare services and care. 

Customer Service Excellence

Envolve programs sponsor innovative member education and outreach programs and give personal attention and provider support. This philosophy to managed dental care creates a comprehensive dental care system that reduces administrative burden for dental benefit providers and offers high quality dental health and wellness services for our members.

Dental Utilization Management Services

Medical Necessity of Treatments

Envolve Utilization Management Services realize the unique relationship between a dentist's treatment planning, costs and outcomes. We know the community practice patterns of dentists in a region may dictate the relationship between these factors.

Our Utilization Management Services are constructed to guarantee the appropriate and fair distribution of healthcare funds dictated by the community practice patterns of regional dentists.

Types of Treatment

Envolveā€™s dental Utilization Program evaluates claims in such areas as:

  • Diagnostic and preventive treatment
  • Patient treatment planning and sequencing
  • Types of treatment
  • Treatment outcomes
  • Treatment Cost Effectiveness

Treatment Cost Effectiveness

The Treatment Cost Effectiveness analysis compares the costs and health effects of a dental intervention to assess the extent to which it can be regarded as providing value for money. This informs decision-makers who have to determine where to allocate limited healthcare resources.

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