Managed Dental Care Solutions

Partner with the Envolve Family of Companies for Managed Dental Care

Envolve, through its family of companies, provides unparalleled managed dental care solutions to health plans who offer commercial dental, Medicaid, Medicare, Health Insurance Marketplace, and dual-eligible program plans. 

As a leading administrator of managed dental care plans, Envolve Health is dedicated to improving the oral health of the community one smile at a time.

Your Strategic & Trusted Partner in Dental Plan Administration

At Envolve Health, we’re committed to our clients and the members they serve.

We pride ourselves in offering a fully-customizable managed dental solution for our customers designed to reduce administrative and plan costs while still delivering superior benefits to members.

We do this by standing by our clients as a strategic partner by helping improve utilization management practices, implementing member outreach initiatives and ensuring your members have convenient access to the best dental professionals in their area.

Dental Utilization Management Support

Superior Utilization Management processes are crucial to the success of a managed care organization in controlling member costs.

That’s why our managed dental care solutions incorporate professional review of claims data to evaluate the necessity of treatments and the cost effectiveness of those treatments.

We realize the unique relationship between a dentist's treatment planning, costs and outcomes and understand how community practice patterns of dentists in a region may dictate the relationship between these factors. We guarantee appropriate and fair distribution of healthcare funds dictated by the community practice patterns of regional dentists.

We’re experts at evaluating outcomes of claims and the cost-effectiveness of dental claims for a variety of treatments.

Envolve’s claims experts thoroughly examine patient treatment planning & sequencing, the types of treatment selected for a condition and the differences between diagnostic and preventative treatment in comparison to emergency dental treatments.

Analyzing Treatment Cost Effectiveness of a dental intervention assesses whether dental services provided are valuable for long-term member health and better informs decision makers who ultimately determine where to allocate their healthcare resources.

Leading Customer Support & Member Services

Member education and outreach are important steps to ensuring members are effectively utilizing their available dental benefits.

We know that timely dental check-ups are essential to a healthy mouth and lifestyle.

Individuals with dental insurance are twice as likely to visit their dentist regularly compared to someone who opts out of this offering. By improving access to high-quality dental care, we can help decrease overall healthcare costs assumed by your organization.

Through sponsoring innovative member education and outreach programs, we can also help individuals who have dental insurance get to their dentist more regularly, to avoid having to cover costly procedures down the road.

Our comprehensive philosophy to managed dental care alleviates the administrative burden on dental benefit providers while ensuring members have access to the highest-quality care available.

Greater Access to Care for Your Members

Envolve Dental operates networks in 15 states with over 13,000 dental service providers participating.

Our network of dentists continues to grow, too – ensuring your members always have access to an in-network provider close to home.

Envolve is a URAC Accredited Managed Dental Care Organization

Envolve Dental has full accreditation for Health Utilization Management (UM) from URAC, an independent, non-profit healthcare accrediting organization that establishes quality standards for the healthcare industry. This accreditation exemplifies our commitment to quality healthcare services and care.

Improve Smiles While Controlling Costs with Envolve Dental

The health of your members and the way they view their plan is important to you.

As a leading managed dental care provider, Envolve Health works as an extension of your team, ensuring patients have access to the best quality of care, while making sure proper utilization management processes are taking place to control your costs.

Partner with Envolve Health today and discover the difference we can make for your health plan. Contact us now!

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