Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline

Delivered through our family of companies, Envolve’s industry-leading behavioral health crisis intervention & triage support services are designed to restore hope in challenging behavioral health incidents for at-risk individuals, and the communities we serve.

Available to members 24/7/365, our customizable Behavioral Health Crisis Line provides a continuum of care for the individual before, during, and after a crisis.

Through our partnership approach, Envolve is monitoring behavioral health crises and leveraging diversionary tactics to provide the right level of healthcare intervention in the right setting at the right time.

Today, the Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline serves government partners and health plans in more than 15 states.

Our established suite of behavioral health solutions range from crisis intervention, de-escalation, and triage to safety plan development, crisis mobile team dispatch, first-responder partnerships, and post-crisis follow-up.

Customizable Crisis Line Services Available 24/7/365

Whether our partners opt for a comprehensive solution that spans the continuum of care or focuses only on intervention and support, Envolve’s Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline is built on a foundation of industry standards and best practices on crisis intervention and resolution.

Envolve’s Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline team is comprised of member-centric, trained crisis workers, including licensed behavioral clinicians and certified support staff.

Many national and international mental health advocacy groups – including Mental Health First Aid, NAMI, and more – acknowledge that mental health problems are common and that a stigma is often associated with mental illness.

Individuals don’t always know how to manage a mental health or substance abuse crisis, and professional help isn’t always on hand. Envolve’s Crisis Line addresses each of these problems.

Crisis Line Featured Services

Crisis interventions are designed to provide appropriate care in the appropriate settings, including:

  • In a Community Setting
  • In the Home
  • In the Emergency Department
  • On the Phone

Envolve’s Behavioral Health Crisis Line solution connect individuals with the right services and level of care, including:

  • Crisis Assessments, Triage, & De-escalation
  • Crisis Observation Referrals
  • Crisis Stabilization & Monitoring
  • Crisis Mobile Team Deployment
  • Post-Crisis Follow-up & Support
  • Real-Time Behavioral Health Provider Appointments
  • Real-Time Care Coordination
  • Referrals to Community Wraparound Services

To provide the most comprehensive approach to addressing a behavioral health crisis, Envolve partners with established community supports, including:

  • First Responders, such as Police, Fire, and EMS
  • Native American & Tribal Communities
  • Schools, Colleges, & Universities
  • Veterans & Active Military Associations

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