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Nurse Advice Line

Envolve’s Nurse Advice Line is on the line and ready to meet the needs of your organization and your members with the right care advice, right now.

With a suite of nurse advice line solutions – including 24/7/365 medical triage and clinical advice, telemedicine integration, after-hours support and more – Envolve’s 100% live answer Nurse Advice Line is assessing the situation, reducing unnecessary visits to the emergency room, and providing an integrated experience that takes care of your member on the first call.

Medical Triage & Clinical Advice 24/7/365

Envolve’s Nurse Advice Line provides safe, effective, appropriate, and timely disposition of health-related problems through experienced, trained Registered Nurses (RNs) and physician-approved guidelines and protocols.

Envolve's Nurse Advice Line, through its family of companies, has provided its clients with uninterrupted service since 1995. Envolve’s RNs are licensed in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our 24-hour nurse advice line provides HIPAA-compliant, URAC-accredited medical triage and clinical advice services to members covered under Medicaid, Medicare, Health Insurance Marketplace, and commercial health plans.

Envolve Nurse Advice Line Additional Features:

When you partner with Envolve, be assured that 100% of all nurse advice line interactions are live-answered by a registered nurse following industry-best telemedicine practices. Other benefits of our Nurse Advice Line include:

  • 24/7/365 live-answer clinical triage
    • Physician-developed, propriety screening tool and immediate escalation, when necessary
  • Two URAC-accredited & HIPAA-compliant Clinical Call Centers
  • Multilingual accessibility, including:
    • 90% bilingual non-clinical staff
    • 35% bilingual clinical staff
    • Services are provided in more than 200 languages via live interpretation
  • Disability-accessible services are provided through TTY/TDD
  • Ever-growing team of AAACN-certified RNs (More than 70%)
  • Customer-centric real-time, daily, and monthly reporting

After-hours support is provided by Envolve 365 days a year, including weekends and holiday -- ensuring your members always have access to the care they need when they need it.

Telemedicine Integration & Physician Paging Capabilities

Envolve’s Nurse Advice Line offers an extension of the standard triage service for clients offering telemedicine benefits to their members.

With this enhancement to traditional triage services, Envolve offers the member a referral and warm transfer to a client-designated telemedicine vendor when the situation is clinically appropriate.

Envolve also empowers enhanced clinical communication through a Physician Paging enhancement. With Physician Paging, Envolve notifies physicians with critical information from a triage episode to ensure the member is ready to receive the right care from the right doctor at the right time.

Whether or not a member accepts a referral to telemedicine and Physician Paging, Envolve’s RNs always advise the member to seek out the traditional physician-approved care needed.

A Typical Nurse Advice Line Interaction

Envolve’s skilled team of RNs is committed to providing excellent customer service and sound medical advice to every member who decides to ask a nurse questions related to their health.

When a member calls for nurse advice:

  • We accurately identify member needs and ensure they are directed to the appropriate level of care for their situation -- whether it be providing home care guidance, setting an appointment with a primary care provider, or recommending a visit to Urgent Care or the ER.
  • We set appointments with preferred providers, based on client preference.
  • We provide around-the-clock access to a highly skilled triage clinical team.
  • We leverage nationally recognized algorithms to provide the best course of action.
  • We support callers through a bilingual team with real-time access to live call translation services in 200+ languages.
  • We provide simple and useful advice - from the convenience of home - about medications, procedures, screenings, health conditions, or any other health-related topics.
  • We listen and comfort callers in a culturally and linguistically sensitive manner.
  • We act as a seamless extension of our clients to eliminate confusion as to who is providing the service.
  • We offer further information through access to a full health information library, in both an audio and online format in multiple languages.
  • We empower callers to make confident and appropriate decisions about their care and treatment.

Make Envolve Health Your Nurse Advice Line Partner

Backed by proven techniques and sound medical advice, we’re your partner committed to ensuring your members receive the right care at the right time.

Partner with Envolve Health for customized nurse advice line solutions that meet the needs of your population. Contact Us Today!


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