Flexible Healthcare Management Solutions

Determining health benefits and finding appropriate solutions can be costly, difficult, and time-consuming. Envolve simplifies this process for you. Through our family of companies, we offer benefit management solutions including specialty pharmacy, visiondental, and MSO services.


Our flexible benefit management solutions are designed to improve outcomes and lower your costs. Partnering with Envolve gives you access to a suite of benefit management solutions that can easily change as your needs do. Whether you need one service or a full suite of solutions, we’ll work with you to understand your organization and help you achieve your goals. 

Envolve believes good health starts with prevention and thrives by eliminating barriers. We offer benefit management solutions designed to identify and resolve care gap issues while supporting a healthy lifestyle through education and empowerment. Our clinical teams address the barriers individuals face through every step of their healthcare journey. Envolve's personalized benefits solutions are designed to encourage and empower individuals to reach specific health goals, supplement their overall care, maintain good health habits and make a lasting health behavior change. 

Timely access to actionable data is an essential component of care. When you understand the facts and figures behind health decisions and behaviors, you’re better able to improve outcomes. Envolve uses best-in-class, interoperable systems designed for collaboration across multiple care settings to better enable data-driven care.

Envolve partners with you to provide the strategies, people and processes needed to lead the way in value-based care and drive real healthcare transformation. With a wide and flexible catalog of benefit management solutions, we tailor solutions to meet our partners' financial, performance and health outcome goals.

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