Dr. Jeremy Corbett Addresses Attendees at the Population Health Management Summit for Payers and Providers

Date: 03/01/19

Dr. Jeremy Corbett, Chief Health Officer of Envolve’s PeopleCare division, discussed Best Collaborative Approaches to Population Health Management through Improved Quality of Care and Reduced Costs alongside other esteemed panelists at last week’s Population Health Management Summit hosted by World Conference Forum.

Each panelist shared initiatives taken on by their respective organizations to address the specific populations they provide care for. Dr. Corbett focused on management of diabetics and Envolve’s program to address that need: On.Demand. On.Demand was developed to enable case managers to intervene in real-time with diabetics who have off-set glucose readings. Glucometers are supplied to members and as glucose levels are tested, the readings automatically upload to a secure cloud-based platform. From this, case managers are able to intervene at the time of the reading to ensure the individual is able to manage next steps as soon as possible and avoid further health consequences of not taking immediate action.

When addressing the conference, Dr. Corbett explained the importance of real-time data rather than waiting to analyze claims data: “Today when I woke up, my phone said it was going to be 80 degrees so I dressed for the weather. I wouldn’t take a newspaper clipping of the weather from three months ago and dress for that weather. So why are we ‘dressing’ our members with data that is old? We can now get data from today and act on that. For a population like those with diabetes, you have to have a program that is collecting real-time data so you can truly intervene at the right time.”

On.Demand provides information about the health of the population enrolled in the program, including biometric readings, member engagement, and compliance information. Envolve partners with organizations to customize the best approach to managing benefits for their unique populations. Learn more about our diabetes management program.

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