How to Never Get Tired: Tips from the People Who Don't

Date: 08/06/18

We all know that person who seems to use the 24 hours in a day to the max. While people have varying levels of energy for many reasons, why do some seem to have more than others? There are several factors that can come into play, but often those who seem to have an abundance of vigor have a daily routine of established habits that contribute to their daily drive. The health experts at Envolve, an integrated healthcare solutions company, are pleased to share five tips that will help you seize each day and live it to its fullest.

1. Stop Snoozing. You might think a couple more minutes of shuteye will make you less tired, but hitting the snooze button can actually make you more groggy and tired than if you had woken up on time. To break out of your “five more minutes” habit, plan the night before to perform one action in the morning. Take the dog out, walk around the neighborhood or do a load of laundry. Whatever it is, hold yourself accountable and turn your first task of the day into an accomplishment. You’ll feel more motivated to get up and knock one item off the checklist. For that extra push, place your alarm on the other side of the bedroom so it forces you to get out of bed and turn it off.

2. Begin with Breakfast. We’ve all heard it’s the most important meal of the day, but sometimes it can be hard to make breakfast healthy. Start your day with food choices that include a variety of nutrients and minerals like lean protein and fruits or vegetables. Nutritious meals help you feel more alert throughout the day. For a high-protein, energy-boosting breakfast option, toast a whole grain English muffin and top it with an egg, slices of avocado and diced tomatoes. For a high-fiber and protein dish, buy to-go packs of plain low-fat Greek yogurt and add chia seeds along with your favorite chopped fruits like strawberries or blueberries.

3. Face Friends. We tend to get sucked into technology and forget about the benefits of engaging in person with friends, co-workers or even the neighborhood coffee shop owner. If you’re in an office behind a computer screen for most of your day, instead of sending an instant message, get up and go speak to your co-workers in person. It’ll get your blood flowing and give you an energy boost to get through the rest of your day. Better yet, grab someone and take a stroll around the office building or walk to pick up lunch. Studies have shown that social contact has been linked to improved moods and increased productivity.   

4. Curb Caffeine. A cup of coffee in the morning is ok but try to limit yourself to one caffeinated drink per day to ward off the need for continually increasing your intake. People who are naturally energized don’t rely on stimulants. If you’re running on fumes and need an afternoon jolt, go for green tea. Studies have shown that it is tied to improved cognitive function and increased levels of energy without the crash that may come with higher levels of caffeine.

5. Make Moves. Physical activity has an impact on how well you sleep and how rested you feel the next day. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or in a gym. Find something that interests you and carve out time each day to accomplish your workout goals. Bike riding, walking, swimming and yoga are great ways to get your body moving and improve your sleeping habits. You’ll feel energized and enjoy additional benefits like lowered stress levels, increased productivity and a decreased risk of heart disease.

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