How to Have a Successful First Doctor's Appointment with Baby

Date: 12/09/19

Newborns typically have six well-baby visits the first year of their lives. From weight checks, to vaccinations, to everything in between, you will be spending a lot of time with the pediatrician. These frequent visits are important to making sure your child is healthy and developmentally progressing. To help get the most from your first visit and prepare you for future visits, the health experts at Envolve, an integrated healthcare solutions company, have put together five tips for a successful first doctor’s appointment.

1. Be Prepared. Whether it’s your first or your third, every baby is different. Know what you’re walking into before you arrive. There are many things a pediatrician checks within the first week of birth, the initial visit is hands-on with your pediatrician checking baby’s head, hips, reflexes, pulse, and more. These simple checks are important to the growth curve that takes place in the first year. Knowing your family’s history and reporting to your pediatrician will help in keeping an eye out for anything that may be of concern.

2. Ask Questions. Write down what you want to know from your pediatrician. No question is too detailed or not important enough when it comes to your baby. Nothing is off limits when speaking about the health of your child with your pediatrician. This is also your opportunity to address any concerns you have. If you think something looks wrong, seems wrong, or feels wrong, say something! More often than not, your instincts have already kicked it. If you have questions about feeding, sleeping, or why your baby is crying incessantly, ask.

3. Prep Baby. The first doctor appointment is a big day for baby too! It may even be the first trip away from home. To help make the appointment as seamless as possible, fully stock your diaper bag. Bring an extra set of clothes, whatever you need to feed baby, a pacifier or any other calming item you think you may need. Dress baby in an easily removable outfit as the pediatrician will be checking head to toe, and bring a blanket to ensure comfort in between screenings.

4. Schedule Ahead. During the first visit make as many of your appointments as possible. Take note of what is supposed to occur at each visit. If baby is getting multiple vaccinations, schedule for when you are able to go straight home and make her comfortable after the appointment. If you know what time of day your child is happiest, take advantage of those time slots. If you’re going back to work, take note of how long it will take to pick-up baby and make it in time for the appointment.

5. Track Tendencies. You may still be in the newborn haze of things at the first appointment, but it’s important to try and keep note of baby’s early habits. How often does your newborn eat, how many diapers are used per day, how often and how long is sleep? If any of these day-to-day occurrences change dramatically or baby develops a fever or starts refusing feedings, be sure to call the pediatrician. All of these things can contribute to baby’s weight and overall health so it is important to keep track and reach out if you are having difficulties.

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