Five Tips to Make Your Spring Break a Healthy Break

Date: 03/14/17

Spring break is a great time to relax and enjoy a change from our normal routines. But often, that comes with unhealthy behaviors from consuming excess calories to lounging around without much physical activity. The health experts at Envolve, an integrated healthcare solutions company, have put together a few tips to help you use your much-need time off in a relaxing, but still healthy, way.

  1. Enjoy activity. Exercise doesn’t have to be found in a gym. Keep yourself active during your break by taking a hike, seeing the sites from a bicycle or going for a swim. Seem too much like routine exercise? Grab a Frisbee, start a game of disc golf or try your hand at another type of play. There are many fun activities that can keep you moving without feeling like a chore.
  2. Give back. Not planning a trip away? Look for ways to volunteer or support your community. There are a host of nonprofit organizations who always need assistance. You could even participate in a spring clean-up project and add a bit of activity into your day. Helping others makes you feel good and relieves stress. A win-win for all involved!
  3. Practice moderation. Having a cocktail, glass of wine or a beer is often part of taking a break, but that doesn’t mean you should overindulge. Alcohol can negatively impact even occasional drinkers because it elevates blood sugar levels. And having a few too many cocktails often leads to choosing not-so-healthy snacks while drinking or the next day. Make sure to drink water and limit your intake of alcoholic beverages so you don’t have to deal with morning-after guilt. 
  4. Eat smart. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean calories and nutritional value don’t count. It may seem like fun to take a break from healthy eating, but your body still needs vitamin-rich fuel. If you indulge at one meal, don’t let it derail your entire retreat. Try to incorporate veggies, fruits and lean proteins throughout your day to ensure you have the energy needed to make your spring break the best one ever. 
  5. Catch some shuteye. You may have the desire to stay up later, but try to keep your sleep routine within an hour or so of normal. By sticking to a consistent sleep schedule, you will feel more rested and have the energy needed to enjoy your vacation. 


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