Five Tips to Keep Kids Safe During the Holidays

Date: 11/11/19

The holiday season is filled with decorations, parties, travel, and food. And unfortunately, an increase in accidents. During this time of year, emergency room visits surge - although many of them could be avoided. To help prevent unnecessary doctor and ER visits, the health experts at Envolve, an integrated healthcare solutions company, have put together five holiday safety tips for the children in your life.

1. Seatbelt Safety. Properly restraining your child in an age and weight appropriate car seat is important no matter the time of year. But with winter comes extra layers of clothing to deal with. Winter coats should be removed while riding in the car. In a five point harness, the material of the coat can cause the restraint to be less effective. Additionally, a larger coat may not allow you to tighten the belt enough to prevent injury in case of an accident. For children using the car seatbelt, it is still important that it be tight and properly placed across the chest.  

2. Determine Décor. Depending on the age of your children, it may be time to update or ditch some potentially hazardous holiday decorations. Anything with small pieces can be a choking hazard, and small or breakable tree ornaments should be placed up higher out of reach. Free standing items should be weighed down or secured to the wall to prevent them from falling over if tugged on. Also, be sure to keep electrical cords along the wall or tacked down to prevent tripping.

3. Fight Fires. Adding candlelight to a room can increase the ambience. , but an open flame within reach of a child could end badly – from burns to fires. Try using battery operated options to get that “glow” and ensure safety. If you do use candles or have a fireplace, never leave flames unattended and be sure to leave a safe distance between other decorative items. It’s also important if you have a live tree to make sure it is well watered. A dried out tree can easily become a fire hazard. Check all of your lights for broken bulbs and frayed wires, and don’t overload your outlets!

4. Check Toys. Gift giving brings joy and amusement during the holidays and is a big component to many family gatherings. Most toys are age-rated on the packaging, which is a good guide for safety of use. For younger children, certain toys can pose a choking hazard so make sure you know if the batteries are secured, if the toy has magnets, or pieces that could break off easily and be swallowed. By being aware of how the toy works you can gauge if it is a good fit for your child. If there is a significant gap in age for the kids in your household, try placing the toys with smaller parts in containers with lids so that your older children are able to access them, but younger ones are not.

5. Cook with Care. Many gatherings end up with a flurry of activity in the kitchen. It inevitably ends up being a popular spot for guests – including children. Hot liquids, plates, and surfaces are sometimes left unguarded during the hustle to get dinner on the table. Be aware of where you are placing hot items, and keep the serving spoons on the side of the dish instead of in them to prevent spills that could burn. When possible use the rear burners, turning pot and pan handles toward the back to make them harder to reach. Keeping knives out of reach and blades covered also can help prevent accidental cuts from grabbing or falling cutlery.

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