Five Healthy Ways to Be More Productive

Date: 06/22/20

Productivity can be impacted by many factors including physical or mental energy, motivation, and environment. But there are simple strategies you can use to be more efficient with your time as you go about your daily activities. A sense of accomplishment and the successful completion of goals has been linked to increased happiness and drive to set and accomplish even more goals. The health experts at Envolve, an integrated healthcare solutions company, have put together five ways to increase productivity while also taking care of your health.

1. Produce Plans. Developing a plan and sticking to a routine are two important steps to reaching your goals. These tactics help you pinpoint how you want to use your time each day and can help you get more done and prioritize appropriately. Plus, following a set plan can reduce mental strain and anxiety. Starting with your most important task is another easy way to break up your day and make sure your efforts are not wasted on optional or distracting activities.

2. Take Breaks. Making time for short breaks throughout your workday can make you more productive in the long run. These breaks give your brain time to rest in between important activities and can help you remain focused for longer periods during the day. Use your break time to get away from your computer or phone screen. Instead, enjoy the outdoors by taking a short walk. Walking helps your mental health and physical health by boosting your heart rate, improving circulation, and enhancing your mood.

3. Get Rest. Getting the right amount of sleep can make your healthier by boosting your immune system, helping you maintain a healthy weight, and reducing stress. But did you know it can make your waking hours more productive? The CDC suggests adults need at least seven hours of sleep each night. Going to bed earlier and waking up earlier in the morning can help you get a jump on your activities for the day. Plus, you will be well-rested and energized, making you more efficient as you work.

4. Be Organized. Staying organized helps you maintain focus during complex projects. By keeping workspaces tidy, you will easily be able to locate important documents or supplies saving time and helping reduce stress. An organized mind and desk can also help you reduce distractions and stay on task. Try to give every important item a place, including paperwork, tools, and supplies.

5. Eat for Energy. Taking breaks for lunch and nutritious snacks can improve your efficiency and your health. A healthy lunch typically consists of one portion of protein and a vegetable or fruit, for example a piece of grilled salmon and a small salad is a light nutritious lunch that helps you keep a steady level of energy throughout the afternoon. Looking for a healthy snack? Try carrot sticks with hummus or apple slices with peanut butter. Just be sure to steer clear of junk food and sweets which can deplete your energy!

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