Boost Your Energy and Mood with These Five Healthy Foods

Date: 07/27/20

While many people turn to caffeinated beverages or energy drinks for a get-up-and-go solution, many are high in sugar and other additives that can end up causing you to crash rather than giving you consistent gusto. Maintaining your energy throughout the day is important to how productive you are, how you interact with others, and how you represent yourself. The health experts at Envolve, an integrated healthcare solutions company, are pleased to share five healthy foods to boost your energy and mood – without the slump.

1. Eat Eggs. An affordable protein-packed option, eggs are not just for breakfast! One large egg can contain 5 to 8 grams of protein making them a filling and energizing option that helps curb snacking, too. Additionally, eggs contain the nutrient choline which is linked to improved memory, better mood, and improved muscle control. Try soft or hard boiled to eliminate added fats when cooking. Or scramble with veggies and cook with olive oil instead of butter to avoid adding additional unhealthy fat. Limit how much salt you use to make them even better for you.

2. Buy Bananas. This always in-season fruit is high in potassium, which is known to support heart health and reduce strain on the cardiovascular system, helping manage blood pressure. Bananas also contain an amino acid called tryptophan that may help preserve memory and regulate mood. Try adding a banana to your cereal or sub-in a mashed banana in place of 1 cup of sugar in baked goods to reap the benefits!

3. Go for Green Tea. With a very small amount of caffeine, green tea won’t give you the “jittery” side effects coffee can bring. Green tea contains amino acids that are linked to improved mood and alertness. These amino acids help improve focus and reduce anxiety. If you typically rely on sweetened beverages for an energy boost switching to green tea will reduce your overall sugar intake and calories, potentially contributing to weight loss or maintenance. 

4. Cue the Quinoa. This grain has more protein and fiber than most and is rich in amino acids making it a clear choice for a mid-day snack. A fiber-rich diet can help reduce the risk of a number of health conditions including high cholesterol and blood pressure. Fiber also helps you feel fuller longer. Try a quinoa salad with fresh cucumber, bell peppers, parsley, and lemon juice for a refreshing energy-boosting lunch option. Or sub out rice for quinoa in some of your other favorite dishes to incorporate this nutrient-packed grain into your diet. 

5. Select Spinach. Leafy greens like spinach contain magnesium which can help lower anxiety and improve your mood. Spinach also is a great source of folate, a vitamin that helps your body produce serotonin, the naturally occurring chemical that creates feelings of happiness. Low folate intake has been linked to fatigue and poor memory. Take spinach beyond the salad and try adding it to pasta, eggs, or sandwiches. Spinach is also a great pairing with salmon, because it is rich in omega-3 fat, which plays an important role in brain development.  



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