Are You Doing It Wrong? The Right Way to Brush Teeth Revealed

Date: 07/23/18

People don’t often think about how well they brush their teeth – except when a trip to the dentist is around the corner. It might surprise you that this daily task, which many of us do on autopilot, is often not up to proper oral health standards. The health experts at Envolve, an integrated healthcare solutions company, are pleased to share five brushing tips for adults to help make sure their pearly whites are clean, sparkling and healthy.

1. Pick Properly. The perfect toothbrush has soft bristles and is easy to hold so you’re able to maneuver around your mouth and remove plaque and debris from your teeth. The two most popular handles are non-slip and flexible while there are different styles of bristles like flat or rippled to choose from. Whatever you decide make, sure your toothbrush fits your mouth and you’re able to reach all of your teeth with ease for a thorough cleaning.

2. Store Safely. Don’t place your toothbrush directly on a sink counter or in a closed space because germs tend to grow in these areas. The best way to store your toothbrush is in an upright position in a place it can air-dry. There are many types of toothbrush holders to choose from – inexpensive to more elaborate. Want to let your creativity shine and spice up your bathroom decor? Use a short bud vase, a pencil holder or even a mason jar! If you have multiple toothbrushes that need to be stored in one place, make sure the bristles don’t touch so bacteria doesn’t cross-contaminate. Remember to replace your toothbrush if you notice wear-and-tear, were sick recently or you’ve used for more than three months.

3. Scrub Softer. You might think that if you brush harder you’re doing a better, more thorough job of cleaning your teeth but that’s not the case! Be gentle when scrubbing because too much pressure may cause swollen gums or even gum recession. To avoid gum damage, make sure the bristles on your brush don’t bend as you’re brushing and that your gums do not bleed. Too much force also shortens the lifespan of your toothbrush, making you spend unnecessary money on another sooner.

4. Take Time. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. Not sure how to gauge if it has been two minutes? Play your favorite song and set an alarm to alert you when time is up. Listening to music will distract your attention and help pass the time. To make it even easier, purchase a toothbrush that has a self-timer that will let you know when you’re finished!

5. Clean Correctly. The right technique can make all the difference in your oral health. Use short strokes in a small circular motion starting at your gum line moving toward the edge of your teeth. Clean each tooth entirely and tilt the brush at 45 degree angles to reach small crevices that have a tendency to hold bacteria. Don’t forget to brush your tongue as bacteria can build up and cause bad breathe and even tooth damage.

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